Equol Consulting


E+QuOL - Excellence and Quality of Life

E+QuOL is a case management, mediation and quality systems auditing consultancy.
We aim to promote Excellence and Quality Of Life (QOL) through four main strategies: 

  1. Holistic and inclusive case management aimed at improving QOL outcomes for consumers and their families. E+QuOL specialises in traumatic injury, rehabilitation and hospital to home care.

  2. Mediation is a practical and cost effective way to resolve disputes. E+QuOL also specialises in industrial relations, complaints and consumer dispute resolution.

  3. Quality and Excellence consultancy aimed at assisting service providers to reach quality standards and maintain quality improvement mechanisms. E+QuOL provides Audit and Pre- Audit services.

  4. Self Managed Funding.

E+QuOL - Navigating the course to quality of life

E+QuOL is unique, in that we offer a comprehensive Case Management Service for people affected by traumatic injury. 

E+QuOL works with intensive care and rehabilitation professionals to develop a care and support plan, and a projected budget,for short and long term support. We can source and monitor home care services and ensure that the care plan is regularly reviewed.

E+QuOL’s point of difference is that we not only ensure the medical and daily support services are in place but we also work with consumers and their families develop a quality of life framework that recognises the psychological, social and aspirational dimensions of recovery.